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Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Beijing, Zhong Wen Law Firm is a large law firm providing the comprehensive legal services. With more than 400 practicing lawyers, Zhong Wen has been in the top ranking in the law firms in Beijing in terms of staff size and overall strength.


A number of senior partners of Zhong Wen are the outstanding representatives of the earliest batch of practicing lawyers after the restoration of the lawyer system in China. With the widely known fame and reputation, their wisdom and talent have contributed to the restoration and development of the cause of Chinese lawyers. The partners of Zhong Wen are all the legal experts who have profound legal knowledge and abundant practical experience. In addition to many years of work experience in the lawyer institutions, legal education ,government agencies and judicial organs as well as the lawyers' business, they are also active in the social activities including the political participation, legislation, law research, and public welfare and so on, and they have the broad vision of providing the legal solutions. Most of the Zhong Wen lawyers have received the domestic and foreign first-class legal education, and they have obtained the doctorate or master's degree; hence the young and vigorous professional talents.


Zhong Wen Law Firm is located in Dongzhimen, Dongcheng District, Beijing where the transportation is very convenient. With thousands of square meters of intelligent office area, it also has a complete library information system and the modern communication equipment such as multi-line telephone conference system, multi-line fax and so on. Thanks to its constantly upgraded internal network, computer equipment,software system, powerful regulatory information retrieval system and electronic information database, etc., Zhong Wen Law Firm has the reliable guarantee to provide the independent, professional and efficient services for customers.


Thanks to the rapid development of China's market economy and the increasing demand of domestic and foreign people for legal services in China, plus the consistent pioneering spirit and diligent and responsible work as well as the professional division of labor and corporate management of lawyers in Zhong Wen Law Firm, the business level of Zhong Wen has been on the continuous improvement, business field is expanding and the professional team is enlarging. Moreover, it has been highly praised by the customers due to its excellent service standards and outstanding work performance. As a result, it is ranking in the forefront of the leading domestic professional legal service institutions. At present, Zhong Wen Law Firm has a large number of legal experts who have deep understanding of the industry characteristics including finance, investment and trade and so on. Moreover, it has been enjoying the leading position in the domestic legal services in fields including the restructuring of financial institutions, syndicated loans, asset securitization, stock issuance and listing, foreign investment, anti-unfair competition, maritime commerce, taxation, litigation and arbitration, real estate, labor, intellectual property and so on.

Our team

Currently, there are over 400 partners and over 1000 lawyers

  • 29 business units
  • 4 research institutions
  • Branches in major cities around the world
Elite team
  • Elite team
  • Many elites
  • Currently, there are over 400 partners and over 1000 lawyers
fully reinforced
  • 国内外著名法律学府博士
  • international trade
  • Experts and scholars
  • Law School
  • Case Management System
  • Video conference system
  • Live broadcast system


ZhongWen Law Firm has 29 business departments and 4 research institutions, which adhere to professional development and are led by professional leading partners and senior lawyers in this field. According to the professional characteristics of the case, the law firm assigns corresponding departments

business units
Research institutes
  • 6666
  • 333
  • 777
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