Energy and Resources

Energy and Resources

The legal services team of Zhong Wem has a group of professional lawyers who are proficient in the knowledge and industry background of energy and natural resources and have long been providing legal services to the energy industry. They have excellent performance in various business areas such as contract energy management, energy-saving transaction, and emissions trading, and have rich experience in providing comprehensive legal services to energy and natural resource companies.


(1) Mining rights application, transfer, and mortgage

Drafting and revising relevant application documents for mining rights bidding, auctioning, and listing, assisting in obtaining mining rights and registration of related licenses

Preparing, negotiating, conducting legal due diligence, and issuing legal opinions for mining rights transfer, mortgage, cooperation, and leasing related contracts

Assisting and supervising contract performance


(2) Mining enterprise mergers and acquisitions

Drafting and revising legal documents such as merger and acquisition letters of intent, confidentiality agreements

Participating in negotiations and designing merger and acquisition plans for mining enterprises

Conducting legal due diligence on the targeted mining enterprises and issuing legal due diligence reports

Drafting and revising merger and acquisition-related documents

Issuing legal opinions on mining enterprise mergers and acquisitions

Assisting with project delivery


(3) Legal services for mining enterprise listings (main board, SME board, GEM, New Third Board) and private placements

Providing legal services for mining enterprise IPOs, rights issues, additional issues, private placements, etc., including but not limited to: legal due diligence, shareholding reform plans, drafting and revising relevant legal documents, issuing legal opinions, tax planning, recommending sponsoring institutions, assisting in revising prospectuses for review, and providing ongoing support.

Establishment and fundraising for private equity funds for mining projects (exploration rights, mining rights), and acting as GP


(4) Legal services for mining-related disputes

Representing clients in administrative lawsuits related to the acquisition, revocation, and cancellation of exploration and mining rights

Acting as a representative in the mediation, arbitration, and litigation of civil disputes related to mining enterprise M&A, financing, and cross-border mining, to resolve disputes

Defending or representing clients in criminal cases related to mining


(5) Annual legal advisory services for mining enterprises

Providing legal services on issues related to mining enterprise operations.

Main Representative Performance:

Special legal services for financing of a mining project in Cambodia by China Export-Import Bank.

Full legal services for the acquisition of a gold mine in a southern province of China by Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd.

Full legal services for the acquisition of Cambodia's Runtian Coal Mine project by a large private enterprise in China.

Legal service for the performance of a contract between Cambodia International Mining Group Co., Ltd. and China Gold Group Geology Co., Ltd.

Legal services for the transfer of Cambodian's First Coal Mine project.

Equity transfer legal services for a large iron ore project in Africa by Zhongli Lian International Holdings Co., Ltd.

Legal services for the acquisition of the Longhua Iron Mine Project by Huaxia Jianlong.

A series of cases arising from shareholder disputes at Dejing Investment Group (H01163).

A case of contract fraud by Deng Chongyun, the actual controller of Dejing Investment Group (H01163).

Legal services for the collaborative development of the second mine coal mine project by Feikuang Group Weixian Xintao Yang Company.

Legal services for the equity transfer project of Minglong Mining Co., Ltd. in Fengning Manchu Autonomous County.

A mining rights dispute case between Wuqia County Jijin Mining Development Co., Ltd. and Shen Meihui.

A mining rights dispute case between Cangyuan Xinxin Mining Co., Ltd. and Yunnan Yunxiang Mining Co., Ltd.

A equity transfer dispute case between Tangbang Mining Investment Co., Ltd. and Li Yiqiu, and Fengning Huifeng Mining Co., Ltd.

Legal services for the cooperative development of the coal mine project in Zhangjiakou Kailuan Wei Mining Industry Co., Ltd.

Legal services for the equity acquisition projects of Minglong Mining Co., Ltd. and Fengning Huali Mining Co., Ltd. by Beijing Qingda Deshi Technology Co., Ltd.

Legal services for the bankruptcy reorganization of Shengtai Coal Mine in Weixian County.

Equity acquisition project and dispute case for Fengye Mining Co., Ltd. by Dejing Investment Co., Ltd.

Legal services for the equity transfer project of Fengning Jiyuan Mining Co., Ltd.

Equity acquisition dispute case between Xinji Mining Company and Century Huaying Investment Co., Ltd.

Dispute resolution legal services for the equity acquisition project of Penglai Longshan Gold Mine Co., Ltd. by Beijing Qingda Deshike Technology Co., Ltd.

Contract dispute case between Fengning Huifeng Mining Development Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Zhenbang Enterprise Management Consulting Firm.


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